Traditional Products in Granada I: Fajalauza Pottery

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Traditional Products in Granada I: Fajalauza Pottery

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Granada has been inhabited by humans for 2500 year that is why it is rich in culture and history. In the next few weeks we will posted information about the particular gastronomy and traditional products such as pottery or taracea. This week we will talk about the Granadine traditional pottery as well known as Fajalauza ceramics.

The potters settled in the city gradually from the late sixteenth century until the present day, in the North of Albaicin area next to the Fajalauza Gate. The style of pottery takes its name from Morales, the largest factory in Granada. In time, all pottery production in Granada came to be known as Fajalauza pottery.

The decoration used on Granadine pottery (the colours of blue and green, with motifs of birds, flowers and the pomegranate) comes from the workshops and Moorish traditions.

Where to buy?: Fábrica de cerámicas y azulejos Fajalauza