Standard room "La Jitana Prendida por el Sol"

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Standard room "La Jitana Prendida por el Sol"

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"Mahoma, Boabdil, Falla, Federico, ¿y la jitanilla? ¿Dónde está la jitanilla sola? La rosa de los ecos de los vientos de poniente oyendo lo que no he dicho de voz, dice con ecos de matices, silbidos y penumbras ya: "Se habrá perdido en el sol, dido en el sol, ido en el sol, en el sol, sol".

"La Jitana Prendida por el Sol" is one of our Standar room placed on the first floor. It is one of nicer rooms but what our guest like the  most is its long name. In order to understand why we use this name you must know more about Juan Ramón Jiménez.

The trip to Granada of the writer from Huelva Juan Ramon Jimenez with his wife Zenobia arose from his friendship with Federico Garcia Lorca and it supposed a deep experience that it would reflect on his Literature. In June of 1924 he decided to accept the invitation of the Garcia Lorca family to visit Granada. Once they were installed they walked around the most emblematic places of the city and centred their trip in discovering places like the Carrera del Darro, Paseo de los Tristes and the viewpoint of San Nicholas; to wander by the labyrinth of streets of the Albaicín or to visit the Cathedral and its Royal Chapel, the Carmen of Falla or the Antequeruela Alta. Absorbed by all this beauty they still marvelled in front of the Alhambra and the Generalife. Manuel de Falla was great guide of the married couple. The experiences lived in Granada and mainly his contact with the Generalife, caused in the poet a creative exaltation that will generate verses and stories of his play Olvidos de Granada. There, he reveals through texts that evoke places, characters as "La Jitana" (the gypsy woman) or small events, traces of the literary perspective of the poet and the particular vision of the poet. Besides the city will appear sometimes "as quintessence of beauty and pure manifestation of the true life"


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