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Markets in Granada

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Granada’s warm weather and its hidden squares and ancient terraces all lend themselves to open markets with clusters of stalls selling anything from fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, to artisanal gifts and souvenirs. Take a little time to browse and barter with the locals, or find a nearby café and take in the atmosphere!

Olla de San Antón

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In January 17th, just when we tried to follow a diet after Christmas excesses, we celebrate San Anton’s day in Granada dedicate to Saint Anthony the Abbot, patron and protector of animals and shepherds. During these days, it is customary to taste a dish called “Olla de San Anton” (San Anton’s pot) which is delicious but it is recommended nevertheless for brave people only.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Granada

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Vegetarianism consists on voluntary non-consumption of the flesh of any animal and also animal derivatives such as milk or eggs. It has its origins in the civilizations of ancient India and ancient Greece and its practice was connected with the philosophical and religious principle of non-violence towards animals. Nowadays, vegetarianism is spreading in most of countries, especially among young people. Granada, as a cosmopolitan city where people of many ethnicities, religions and cultures meet and live in close proximity, counts on a large selection of restaurants offering vegetarian food.

Gastronomy in Granada

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When we visit a city, we are interested in knowing everything about culture and traditions. Monuments, churches and museums are very important and sometimes, some of them are a must as happens in Granada. If you come to Granada for the first time, you have to visit the Alhambra. But there is a less formal side in the culture of a city which allows us to understand its cultural richness and its people’s personality. This aspect is Gastronomy. Through Gastronomy we can discover how the city is influenced by other people, religion or even wheather.

Top 10 Tapas Bars in Granada

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Granada is without a doubt, a city that has amazing architecture, a rich history and fabulous food which perfectly blends the Arab-Andalusian cuisine. Throughout the city, there is a wide variety of restaurants and bars that are capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers, all at reasonable prices. The flavourings used are a clear sign of the Arab influences in Granada, making the cuisine unique and interesting. Here are a few restaurants which will allow tourists and locals alike to have a taste of Granada’s rich cuisine and traditions.

Cakes in Easter

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Easter is certainly one of our most popular customs outside our borders, but this tradition goes far beyond religious beliefs. Easter means that Spanish kitchens are filled with homemade sweets such as “torrijas”. There are many recipes and different ways to make them: with wine and honey or milk and this one is what we want to show today

New Year's Eve in Granada

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The Twelve Grapes to the chimes of the Clock at midnight on New Tears Eve has been a Spanish tradition since 1909. In December that year, some vinegrowers from the Alicante area came up with "The 12 Grapes" as an idea to sell huge amounts of grapes from an excellent harvest.

Gazpacho recipe

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There is nothing like a gazpacho to beat the heat! So we will show you how to prepare the best Gazpacho at Andalusian style of course!

Christmas time in Granada II (Typical sweets)

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The Christmas period of December 24th and January 7th is the time in which Spaniards, both young and old, look forward to eating the special sweet things that begin to appear on the supermarket shelves and in the windows of pastry and bakery shops in the Spanish Peninsula.