Madrid may play host to many of the most famous names of the Flamenco tradition, but Granada is where Flamenco can be experienced in its natural habitat. It is in the caves and clubs in Sacromonte and in the center of Granada where visitors and Grenadines alike can experience Spain's most famous music and dance form. The Gypsies of Granada remain at the center of this ancient and vibrant tradition. Flamenco is full of heartfelt lamentation and ecstasy over life's highs and lows, which never fails to move those who experience it.

There are many famous clubs in the area and entry costs vary considerably. In the best places, the program may not always  begin on time, but is always worth the wait.

We are happy to help you find an excellent Flamenco show and tickets can be arranged by our Reception Staff. The shows run all year round in various locations in the Sacromonte as well as in the center of Granada.

Understated Elegance and Comfort

A short walk from Plaza Nueva.

Our Hotel

This 16th century noble house has been skilfully restored into a beautiful hotel with fifteen guestrooms. El Ladron de Agua, meaning "The Water Thief", is taken from the title of a poem by Juan Ramon Jimenez in Olvidos de Granada and is a showcase for local and regional art.

Our Legacy

On his visit to Granada, Juan Ramon Jimenez was taken by Granada's beauty and wrote a poetry collection drawing on his many Grenadine experiences; a collection now housed in the hotel library.

What's On

Find out about events and exhibitions running in and around our Arts Hotel.

Location, location, location and more

You absolutely can't top the location of this stylish boutique hotel. Located at the foot of the path up to the Alhambra and just a block away from the plaza neuva and at the edge of the Albayzin it is located at the center of all that is Granada. Do…

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