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Top 10 Tapas Bars in Granada

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Granada is without a doubt, a city that has amazing architecture, a rich history and fabulous food which perfectly blends the Arab-Andalusian cuisine. Throughout the city, there is a wide variety of restaurants and bars that are capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers, all at reasonable prices. The flavourings used are a clear sign of the Arab influences in Granada, making the cuisine unique and interesting. Here are a few restaurants which will allow tourists and locals alike to have a taste of Granada’s rich cuisine and traditions.

Rebujito: The official drink in Corpus Fair in Granada

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Rebujito is an Andalusian specialty mainly consumed at fairs and and other festive occasions, becoming more and more popular throughout Spain Now, we celebrate the Corpus Fair in Granada and it's very hot dureing the day, so Rebujito is a very good choice to stand the heat .